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I was cooking a meal in my dutchie the Saturday morning I started this painting on a large wooden board. My food was slowly simmering over the stove (not an outside fire though) and not far away I was busily mixing paint colours and cooking up in my head what stroke of the brush I would move with next - much "food for thought!" Of course the dinner was finished a long time before this piece of artwork had even properly begun, but it got me fired up enough to feast on this piece with much tender loving care. It was well seasoned. I hope you like what I cooked up! 


Dutchie Pon Fire

  • 63cm length x 57cm width (25 inches x 34.5 inches). 

    Acrylic and Mixed Media.

    Wooden board.

    Framed in a simple light wooden frame.


    (For International buyers, please see Shipping Info below before purchase)

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