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About Wendy

Wendy was born in Wegberg, Germany in a Royal Air Force (RAF) military hospital. She is British and Jamaican, and of European, West African and Chinese heritage.  Growing up she lived in many places in the United Kingdom, such as Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire to name a few. She also lived in Germany and Cyprus. Wendy currently lives in London.

She pulls upon the colourful strands of her rich heritage and often incorporates this intuitively in her artwork.


Many of Wendy's paintings leave open for the viewer to depict their own narrative 

Her art is an expression of colour, culture and imagination. She says, "the pure joy that painting gives me is priceless!" 

Wendy's Inspiration

Sometimes I think my inspiration should be about mentioning famous artists, but it tends to be more in the every day moments of life. Pebbles on the beach, be it in Britain or abroad. Buildings (mostly in cities such as London or old buildings) with character. Flowers. The golden coating and look of the texture of the batter from fish and chips.  A gaggle of Canadian Geese refusing to move in the car park by the hardware shop  or a squirrel sitting on a brick wall eating from a left over box of chicken and chips on the pavement. My travels have inspired me immensely, and lately I have enjoyed visiting galleries and exhibitions as and when I can. Lastly, things that may be specific to my particular broad cultural heritage in the diaspora.

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